Along came a spider who sat down beside her.

Hello, again!

I enjoy visiting with my friend Piet, our Dutch bulb supplier. He always has a good perspective on most everything from sports to politics and world events, which is where our conversation touched on yesterday. We both feel fortunate to have lived in safe places all of our lives, free from military conflict. We both were too young to have been called up to defend freedoms in the past.

Our conversation was mostly about the fall gardening season. With our homegrown mums, pumpkins, winter hardy pansies, fall seeding supplies and spring flowering bulbs, needless to say the stores have been busy. Piet does a good job of selecting our bulb assortment. I asked him to bring down something for my yard next time he’s in town; let's see what he shows up with! This week our Florida foliage truck also delivered colorful plants to brighten up your indoors. Yes, we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy this beautiful time at the garden center.

It’s interesting how on these cool mornings, not only humans, but all sorts of creatures love staying inside as the temperatures drop. Insects such as crickets, spiders, and ants, as well as rodents, are looking for the warmth of our homes. In this week's Johnson’s Garden Time show (see it on KAKE-TV Saturday or Sunday at 7:55 am), Jeremy made a comment about home invading pests, saying, ‘a good defense is a good offense’. His point was, there are a few things we can do to keep pests away before they get a chance to come inside.

By using a perimeter barrier around our home with Hi-Yield Turf Ranger II we can control insects in lawn and garden bed areas around our homes.

On paved surfaces, I’ll spray with Hi-Yield Broad Use Insecticide Spray (at the same time I’m spraying houseplants) as my offensive attack.

Indoors, I’ll spray ferti-lome Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Purpose Insect Spray, which is also safe for houseplants.

As a prevention for rodents, I’ll use Bonide Mouse Magic or Rat Magic containing essential oils to keep mice and rodents away. In my teardrop camper, I’ll place a couple of the tea bag sized packets of Mouse Magic inside to keep mice from doing damage during the winter.

Whatever pests you’re wanting to keep outside this winter, come see us. We’ll be your ‘offensive coordinator’.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center