Succulent Gardens

Johnson’s Garden Centers have everything you need to create your own succulent garden.


Container — A low bowl type of pot works best for succulents. Choose a pot with drainage. Succulents like to dry between waterings. Drainage in the pot helps with this.

Soil — Use a soil specifically for cactus and succulents, such as ferti-lome Succulent Potting Soil.

Plants — Johnson’s has a wide selection of succulents available. Choose the amount of plants needed according to the pot size. Round pots look best with an odd number of plants. With all of your supplies collected, you’re ready to begin. Fill your pot about 2/3 full with soil. Arrange the plants (still potted at this point) in the pot until you get the desired look. Now you’re ready to plant. Take the plants out of the pots and tuck into the soil one at a time, adding more soil if needed. When all plants are planted, water. A small brush can be used to clean the plants.

Water & Fertilize — Let the soil dry between waterings (check weekly). Use a plant food made for cactus and succulents, such as Bonide Liquid Cactus & Succulent Food.

Crump Greenhouse Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix (4 qt.)
ferti-lome Ready-to-Use Cactus Potting Mix (4 qt.)

Succulent Gardens

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