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Johnson's Grade A
Western Cedar Mulch

How much Grade A Western Cedar Mulch do I need? 
We recommend applying Johnson’s mulch 3” deep. One 3 cu. ft. bag covers approximately 12 sq. ft. when applied 3” deep. 

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Ten things we love about Johnson's Grade A Western Cedar Mulch...

1. Shredded for dense coverage
2. Won’t float or blow away
3. Pleasant cedar aroma repels nuisance insects
4. Blocks weeds
5. Free of weed seed
6. Slow breakdown for longevity
7. Resists rot & mold
8. Retains soil moisture
9. Reduces soil temperature swings
10. Long-lasting color

Why We Designed Our Own Mulch
Having been in the gardening business since 1928, we’ve mulched our fair share of landscape beds and newly planted trees. Traditional chipped mulch didn’t do the job the way we wanted it done. So we designed our own: Johnson’s All Bark Western Red Cedar Mulch. It’s so different from regular mulch, once our customers try it they won’t use anything else. Our process uses cedar bark, shredded it so it forms a thick, protective ground cover that won’t sprout weeds or budge when it rains. Because who wants to re-apply mulch later in the season? Not us. We know all-bark cedar mulch is more expensive to make, but it outperforms any other mulch we’ve tried. We hope you’ll give Johnson’s Grade A Western Cedar Mulch a try!

Is Grade A Western Cedar Mulch dyed or treated?
No, Johnson’s mulch is 100% natural cedar bark. No ground up pallets or other inferior wood material here.

Where can I use Grade A Western Cedar Mulch? 
Use Johnson’s mulch almost anywhere - in landscape beds, around newly planted trees and shrubs, or on garden pathways. It’s even safe to use in your vegetable garden.

Can I get a discount if I buy Grade A Western Cedar Mulch in bulk? 
Yes. Ask in store about our mulch discount for purchasing 10 or more bags or by the pallet.

Where can I buy Johnson's Grade A Western Cedar Mulch?
Pick up a bag of Johnson's mulch at either store location or order online