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Trees planted in fall have 2 seasons to get established before the heat of Kansas summer.
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Trees & Shrubs

Fall is the best time to feed established trees & shrubs. Be sure and water through fall and winter if weather is dry. Apply ferti•lome Tree & Shrub Food to the soil surface around your plants and water in thoroughly. Fine tree roots extend far beyond the drip line, so apply well beyond that point.

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It’s time for a second round of ferti•lome Winterizer (30 days after the first). This feeding is also crucial for the survival of grass planted 4-6 weeks ago. There is still time to plant grass seed through October. Now to mid November is also an effective time to reduce next spring's weed crop with ferti•lome Weed Free Zone.

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Spring Bulbs

Start planting bulbs like crocus, daffodils, hyacinths & tulips now. You can plant for the next few months, but shop now for the best selection. Use Hi-Yield Bulb Food in the planting hole. After planting, water in your bulbs with ferti•lome Root Stimulator for fast root development.

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