June 1-19

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June 5-16

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Ride the Divide for HumanKind

Join Marty in his goal to raise $100K for the HumanKind Capital Plan supporting Wichita's homeless population.
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Plant a Row for the Hungry

Johnson's is an Official Drop Off Site for Plant a Row for the Hungry.
Johnson's Soil Recipe
Improve your soil before you plant! This is our recipe to correct nutrient deficient, sandy or clay soils.
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All-Bark Grade A Cedar Mulch
We're picky about our mulch so it covers better & lasts longer. Once you've tried it, you'll agree!
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Keep hanging baskets, planters & garden flowers fertilized to maintain healthy plants. A slow-release fertilizer, like ferti•lome Garden Cote 6, will feed plants all season, but remember to supplement with a water-soluble high in phosphorus like ferti•lome Blooming & Rooting to keep plants blooming profusely.

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On fescue lawns, raise the mower cutting height to help beat the summer heat. Mow to 3 to 3.5” for fescue. Established lawns need about 1” of water a week taking rainfall into account. Deep watering encourages a deep root system that results in a healthier and more drought resistant lawn.

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In ponds or other standing water use Mosquito Dunks or Mosquito Bits in the water to take care of the larva. For area control spray Bonide Mosquito Beater to kill mosquitoes. Follow up, especially before outdoor activities, with ferti•lome MosquitoGo Insect Granules to keep them away.

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