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Johnson's Soil Recipe
Improve your soil before you plant! This is our recipe to correct nutrient deficient, sandy or clay soils.
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All-Bark Grade A Cedar Mulch
We're picky about our mulch so it covers better & lasts longer. Once you've tried it, you'll agree!
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We can now safely plant all those annuals (vinca, impatiens), shrubs (butterfly bush, crapemyrtle) and vegetables (cucumbers, eggplant, sweet potatoes) that like it hot. You can continue planting most other shrubs, trees and perennials, too.

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If broadleaf weeds are still a problem you can use ferti•lome Weed Free Zone. Weed Free Zone comes in a liquid concentrate and a ready-to-use spray. Weed Free Zone is rainfast in four hours so you don’t need 24 dry hours for it to be effective. For spring-seeded lawns wait until you have mowed the new grass three times before using any weed control.

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The best tomatoes are grown in soil prepared with organic amendments. Cotton Burr Compost is an excellent choice. Use FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable at planting time & again when tomatoes are walnut size. Water in all vegetables with ferti•lome Blooming & Rooting Soluble Plant Food. Just using this as a starter solution can increase yields 79%.

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