Fresh Christmas Trees

Jeremy & Marty Johnson with advice
on choosing a fresh Christmas tree.

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees at Johnson's

Starting just before Thanksgiving every year, Johnson's offers fresh cut Christmas trees and greenery. Our Christmas Tree forest is unique; we name every tree and display them upright, making it easy to choose your favorite. We'll give your tree a fresh cut, as well as bag and load it for the ride home. We serve hot cider and popcorn, making it a fun outing for the family. 

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Care

All of the standard Christmas trees at Johnson’s were grown on a tree farm to be enjoyed by a family at Christmas. They were not cut from a forest but were planted on farmland as a crop. Throughout its growing years it cleansed the air, provided oxygen, protected the water supply, and made a home for wildlife. It also beautified land that was previously barren. When each was harvested, another tree was planted in its place to continue the cycle. The exception is our beautiful Concolor trees, which are harvested as part of a forest management program in New Mexico and Colorado.

At Johnson’s, we want you to enjoy your tree as long as possible, so we treat all our fresh Christmas greenery with Wilt Stop. This product helps evergreens retain moisture. We also make a fresh cut on the bottom of your tree to open up the porous base of the trunk. This allows the tree to take up more water and stay fresh longer. After selecting the perfect Christmas tree at Johnson’s, follow these steps to keep your tree fresh.

1. Cut 2” off the trunk as soon as you get home (if we haven’t already cut it for you) and put the tree trunk into water immediately. Add Christmas Tree Preservative to water according to directions and mix well. Tree Preservative helps the tree take up water longer to help maintain a fresher and safer Christmas tree.

2. If the tree isn’t going into the house right away, store it in a cool, shady place—out of the wind. A garage would be ideal—because the water reservoir will not freeze.

3. For extra protection—especially if your tree will be up for a long time—spray again with Wilt Stop before bringing in the tree.

4. Frozen trees should be thawed slowly overnight in a cool place.

5. Find a place for your tree that is away from heater vents, fireplaces and heat sources.

6. Once inside, check the water level daily and refill the stand with lukewarm water. A tree will drink as much as a gallon of water a day. Never let the reservoir run dry.

7. Check to make sure that your Christmas lights do not have frayed cords or cracked sockets.

8. Turn off tree lights whenever leaving home and at night before going to bed.

9. Remove the tree from your house as soon as possible after the holiday celebrations. We recommend using a Christmas Tree Bag. It’s neat and easy and keeps needles out of your carpet!

10. Check dates and locations for tree recycling.

Fresh Evergreen Wreaths, Swags & Porch Pots at Johnson's

Our Fresh Greenery Shop is a decorator's delight. We carry all kinds of evergreen boughs, wreaths, swags, as well as all of the "icing" such as ribbon, custom bows, berries, picks, branches, birch logs and more. It's the perfect stop before hosting the holidays. We also carry beautifully finished wreaths, porch pots and table centerpieces.


Marty & Jeremy Johnson discuss how
to create a fresh evergreen porch pot