Planting Trees & Shrubs

Tree and Shrub Planting Guide

If you need tree planting services, check out Johnson's Tree & Shrub Planting Services page. We can do everything from arranging to have your yard marked for utilities, to transport and professional planting. 

Our trees and shrubs come with a 1-year warranty! To learn more about our warranty, and how to get a 5-year extended warranty, visit our Tree & Shrub Guarantee page. 

If you're planting your tree yourself, here's what we recommend: 

Before you begin, collect all your supplies and remember that successful planting starts with the hole. By taking a little extra time to do it right; and spending a few extra dollars on planting supplies, you’ll help ensure the survival of your new plants. In addition to a shovel, you’ll need:

• MYKE® Tree and Shrub
• Cotton Burr Compost
• ferti•lome Start-N-Grow
• ferti•lome Root Stimulator
• All Bark Cedar Mulch
• Tree Stakes (for larger trees)

1. Dig the hole two to three times as wide as the plant’s container; even wider if possible. Dig the hole no deeper than necessary. IT IS BEST TO PLANT HIGH (especially in clay soils). Place the soil you’ve removed around the outer edges of the hole.

2. Remove the plant from the container. If not using MYKE Tree & Shrub, place the root ball directly in the hole and go to step 4.

3. If using MYKE Tree & Shrub, apply following the Application Chart and recommendations on the package. New roots must be in direct contact with MYKE so be sure to spread it all around the root ball (do not mix MYKE in with the soil from the hole).

4. Amend the soil from the hole with Cotton Burr Compost and Start-N-Grow (18-6-12) at the rate of 2/3 existing soil and 1/3 Cotton Burr Compost plus the recommended amount of Start-N-Grow.

5. Fill the hole with the amended soil and tamp lightly around the root ball. Use excess soil to form a berm around the outer edge of the hole. Soak the berm with water and the recommended amount of Root Stimulator (4-10-3 plus B-1). Repeated use of Root Stimulator during the first growing season is recommended.

6. To conserve moisture, protect roots and reduce weeds, place All Bark Cedar Mulch around the base of your plants. Mulch should be 3-4" deep, but should be kept away from the tree trunk.

7. Use tree stakes for larger trees during the first year for protection from wind. Pay special attention to watering for the first season. Newly planted trees and shrubs will require more water than existing plants, but take caution not to over water your plants, a common cause of plant failure.

Grade-A All Bark Cedar Mulch (3 cu. ft.)
from $12.99
Cotton Burr Compost (2 cu. ft.)
ferti-lome Start-N-Grow Plant Food (4 lbs.)
ferti-lome Root Stimulator & Plant Starter (16 oz.)

Planting Trees & Shrubs

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