Fruit Trees

 Fruit Tree Ripening Schedule

Fruit Variety Height Pollination
Mid June Blueberry, Northland 4' Self*
Mid June Gooseberry, Pixwell 3-4' Self*
June Cherry, 4-N-1 Combo (Semi-Dwarf) 12-15' Self
June Cherry, Sweet 12-15' Needs Pollinator
June Cherry, Tart Pie 12-15' Self
Mid Summer Blackberry, Black Satin 5-6' Self*
Mid Summer Boysenberry, Thornless 5-6' Self*
Mid Summer Raspberry, Canby Red 5-6' Self*
July-August Peach 12-15' Self
Mid-August Plum, Santa Rosa (Standard) 15-18' Self
August-September Grape, Concord 20-25' Self
August-First Frost Pear, 4-N-1 Combo (Semi-Dwarf) 12-15' Self
August-First Frost Pear, Single Variety 12-15' Needs Pollinator
Early September Plum, Stanley Prune-Plum (Dwarf) 8-10' Self
Mid September Grape, Niagara 20-25' Self
September Apple, 4-N-1 Combo (Dwarf) 8-10' Self
September Apple, Single Variety 12-15' Needs Pollinator


Fruit Tree Spray Schedule

1. PRE-PINK STAGE (just before buds swell)
ferti•lome Horticultural Oil Spray - Kills overwintering stages of insects & mites
ferti•lome Broad Spectrum Fungicide - Prevents Peach Leaf Curl

2. PETAL FALL (most petals have fallen)
ferti•lome Fruit Tree Spray - Spray every week until fruit shows

3. COVER SPRAYS (after fruit set)
ferti•lome Fruit Tree Spray - Every week for four weeks, then every two weeks until harvest

4. DORMANT SPRAY (after leaves fall)
ferti•lome Horticultural Oil Spray - Kills overwintering stages of insects & mites

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