Green chile is my favorite season.

Hello, again!

Tired enough of the weather recently around Wichita, we decided to take some time off and make a trip to Colorado to enjoy some cooler conditions. Although it has been hot (90’s) recently in the Rockies, it's nothing compared to what we have been experiencing. (I know, Phoenix has been way hotter than here; it’s all relative). With nighttime temperatures in the 60’s and not too much rain, it was worth the trip west.

When visiting the Southwest, I’ll always look for opportunities to enjoy green chile peppers while dining. New Mexico restaurants offer green chile year around, I imagine. Even McDonald’s offers Hatch chile in the fall in New Mexico! Blake’s Lotaburger (as seen on the Netflix show Breaking Bad) definitely offers Hatch green chile year round. They boast that they serve their exclusive variety of green chile that is 100% grown, harvested and flame-roasted in Hatch, New Mexico. Their burgers are made with fresh, not frozen, premium beef patties, and they use fresh cracked eggs for their breakfast menu. It’s my kind of place!

Angie and I also stopped into Spencer’s Garden Center in Colorado Springs on our trip. Mike Spencer is who got us started in roasting green chile years ago. It was 1999 when Jeremy and I were visiting Mike’s store. Spencer’s, a long time family-owned garden center like ours, has offered fresh produce as one of their specialties. Always wanting to hear what people think, this time I asked a clerk which was better - Hatch or Colorado chile. Without hesitation, his answer was Colorado!! So the battle rages on...

As you can see, I’m not the only one who’s crazy for green chile. Our staff is busy roasting this year’s first batch, and more will be here soon. We’re also gearing up for our 10th anniversary Iron ChileHead party on Saturday the 19th. Once you’ve tasted these special peppers, you’ll understand the fuss.

We hope to see you at the roaster and at Iron ChileHead!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

P.S. - If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know my long time itch of opening a burger joint. I might scratch that itch at Iron ChileHead. Stay tuned!