Just like that, summer falls into September.

Hello, again!

I just sent my annual email to Piet Stuifbergen from Stuifbergen Bulb Export, our friend who supplies the stores with Dutch bulbs. Our employees are always anxious to get the spring flowering bulbs displayed, because it’s a sign that fall is near. (For those of you new to spring bulbs, we plant them in the fall!) Here’s what Piet had to say:

Dear Marty, 

Here in Holland we are in the middle of the production season; most of the bulbs for the retail garden centers have arrived in the USA, and we will be shipping full scale in the next few weeks. The pre-packs will come early next week and the bulk items a few days later.

It has been a difficult bulb season. The tulip crop was down a lot, due to the cold April/May and a short heatwave right after the blooming season. The more uncommon varieties took a hit, including double tulips, parrot and fringed varieties.

You might want to warn your customers to come in early to get the selection they want. Also your landscape customers should try to order early. There will be plenty of tulips, but the specialty tulips might not be so easy to get.


If you're wanting the best selection, my suggestion is to come into the stores next week and choose from the varieties that Piet has chosen for our area. Keep the bulbs in a well ventilated area until planting time, starting when the temperatures are cooler, in late September.

For best results, plant bulbs with Hi-Yield Bone Meal for establishment and water thoroughly. Hi-Yield Dutch Bulb Food will help bulbs naturalize well and bloom for years to come.

If you have any questions about fall planting, fall lawn care, or just want to say hello, we’re here!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

P.S. The Southwest US was hit with similar weather challenges this year, so the green chile pepper supply was shorter than we would have liked. We may have frozen starter packs available for awhile, but we're putting up the roasters for the season. Thanks for a great one!!