Frost Prevention

Sometimes Mother Nature throws us for a loop with freezing temperatures in the early and late season. A little preparation can help protect tender plants. Here's some advice from Marty Johnson:

If you can bring your plants indoors, do so. Plants like perennials and pansies should be just fine. If you've recently planted something tender, like annuals or tomato plants, go ahead and cover them. Anything tender but too large to cover, like budding fruit trees, may benefit from a spray of water early in the morning to knock any frost off. My favorite method to cover plants is a cardboard box (which you may want to anchor). Otherwise, sit tight and wait for it to warm back up.

Here's a checklist of things you can do to protect tender plants:
  • Water plants late in the day before a frost to help create some warmth - even having water on the plant can help.
  • Cover plants with a blanket, box or tarp to give the plants an insulating barrier to keep the freezing temperatures off of the foliage and blooms. 
  • Move plants in containers into the garage or another sheltered area.
  • Spray off frost with water early in the morning before sunshine hits the plant.
  • If you have any houseplants sunning outside, be sure to bring them in!