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Seed Starting for Beginners
10am March 2 & 9 
Johnson's East & West
Starting your own vegetables & herbs from seed is fun, rewarding & the most cost effective way to grow. But how do you start? Let us help during this free seminar. We’ll discuss seeds, seed starting medium, the best time to plant, lighting, watering, transplanting & more. Bring your questions. We're happy to help!

Houseplant Parenting 101
1pm March 2 & 9 
Johnson's East & West
At this workshop, we will start with the basics. You’ll learn how to choose the best houseplant for your space & care capabilities. We'll talk about potting soil, fertilizer, light, water & repotting. We'll discuss how to spot pest & disease problems & what to have on hand to solve them. Ask us your questions, too! If you need help choosing a houseplant, we'll be happy to help.