Iron ChileHead Competition

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Iron ChileHead

Iron ChileHead FAQ

What is Iron ChileHead? 
Iron ChileHead is a party at the garden center, inspired by our Hatch Green Chile pepper roasting season. Iron ChileHead includes a Beerfest, where local and regional breweries develop a competition beer featuring Hatch Chile. Food trucks also compete with a dish including Hatch Chile. Winners are determined by local celebrity judges. The party includes chile roasting, awesome live music, ChileHead swag, food trucks, and People’s Choice voting for best Hatch Chile beer. 

When and where is Iron ChileHead held? 
Iron ChileHead is traditionally on the third Saturday in August. It is held in the parking lot of our west Johnson’s location at 2707 W. 13th St. N. in Wichita, Kansas.

Do I need tickets to attend?
You can enjoy the music, games, food trucks, and festivities without a ticket. But you do need a $35 ticket to sample beer in the Iron ChileHead Beerfest. 

What do I get when I purchase a ticket? 
You get a wristband, commemorative taster glass, a People’s Choice voting ticket, and an Iron ChileHead sticker - plus unlimited samples of chile beer and other beers served at the event. 

When and where can I purchase a ticket? 
Tickets go on sale in July at both Johnson’s locations and TICKETS ALWAYS SELL OUT - so get yours early. We have a limited amount of beer and space, so please don’t wait to get your ticket!

Tell me more about tickets. If you purchase a ticket in the store, you’ll receive a printed ticket. It includes a barcode that will be scanned at the event. If you purchase a ticket online, you can choose from a mobile ticket, print at home ticket, or mailed ticket. To retrieve your MOBILE TICKET barcode, you’ll log in to the ticketing website using your mobile phone. At the event we’ll scan the barcode directly from your phone. If you choose a PRINT AT HOME TICKET, the paper you print and bring to the event should include a barcode. A MAILED TICKET will be mailed to you before the event. 

Where can I park the day of the event? 
We encourage bike riding, and have a bike valet available to keep your bike safe while you enjoy the event. We have a drop-off area, which is perfect for those who use Uber and other ride sharing services. We also offer streetside parking and parking at Asbury Church, 15th and St. Paul. 

Can I get my own Hatch Green Chile at the event? 
Yes! We fire roast Hatch green chile peppers all day long. You can take home a small starter bag that’s already frozen and ready to go, or we’ll roast a fresh half or full bushel for you. They’re available in mild, medium, hot, and extra hot, while supplies last. Pick up a handout or our Hatch Green Chile cookbook in the store for tips on how to prep and use your peppers at home. Chile roasting season lasts at least a month, so you have plenty of time to pick up peppers at either store. And yes, they really are from Hatch, New Mexico. The best! 

Can families attend? 
Yes! All ages can attend. Strollers are also welcome. Of course, you have to be 21 to participate in the Beerfest, and we do check IDs. 

Are dogs allowed? 
No. We love dogs, but to keep your pups safe please keep them at home for this event. 

I’m the designated driver. Do I need to purchase a ticket? 
Nope! You’re welcome to move about in the Beerfest without a ticket, but breweries will not pour beer for those without a wristband and taster (included with a ticket). And thank you! We encourage bringing a designated driver or using a ride sharing service. 

What if I don’t like chile beer? 
Breweries like to strut their stuff at Iron ChileHead, so most of them will also serve other beers, as well. Also good to note - not all chile beer is hot! Hatch Green Chile comes in a many heat levels, including mild. Many beers will feature the smokey, delicious flavor of the pepper without the heat.