Grade-A All Bark Cedar Mulch (3 cu. ft.)

Grade-A All Bark Cedar Mulch (3 cu. ft.)
Grade-A All Bark Cedar Mulch (3 cu. ft.)

Grade-A All Bark Cedar Mulch (3 cu. ft.)


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Johnson's Grade A Cedar Mulch has a brand new bag, but the same excellent quality you've come to expect! Mulch is essential for moisture-retention in your landscape and garden, and Grade-A Cedar Mulch is expertly designed for the job and much more. Have you ever purchased a cheap mulch and regretted it later? Maybe it sprouted weeds or floated away in the first heavy rain. Or you had to replace it before the growing season was over. Not Grade-A Cedar Mulch. This all-bark mulch is made of western red cedar. It provides a thick protective layer that's resistant to floating or blowing away. It smells great, is attractive, and holds color well. For use in the garden, landscape, and around newly planted trees and shrubs. Resists rot and mold. 3 cu. ft. bag. 

How much Grade A Western Cedar Mulch do I need?
We recommend applying Johnson’s mulch 3” deep. One 3 cu. ft. bag covers approximately 12 sq. ft. when applied 3” deep. Visit our Mulch Calculator to calculate how many bags you need.

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