Don't feed the wildlife...err, mosquitoes.

Hello, again!

Last Friday, close to 200 athletes headed out on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route for a trip down the spine of America, the continental divide from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The athletes included seasoned professional cyclists in the prime of their careers, to your next door neighbor who is working 40 and preparing for a month of their ‘trip of a lifetime’. Having done the trip myself, it really is something special. The front runners will cover the 2750 miles in about 2 weeks and for those in my group, it will take about a month. There are so many factors that go into the ride that it’s difficult to keep on a schedule. The weather, snowpack, river crossings, food, and mechanicals all play into the ride equation.

Before my first trip down in 2015, Dr. Kara, a cyclist and physician friend of mine, strongly advised me to keep bug spray on as I rode. She told me that I didn’t want to contract Lyme Disease from ticks or West Nile from mosquitoes. I took heed and kept bug spray handy. Thanks, Kara.

Natural repellents seem to be very effective on mosquitoes and other insects, but sometimes other controls are needed. Here are my recommendations for a variety of controls:

Citronella Grass (Cymbopogon nardus) This is the grass that is used for obtaining oils for many of our mosquito repelling products, such as candles and incense. The easiest way to experience the repelling effects of Citronella is to crush the leaves in your hands and rub the essential oil on your skin. You will smell fresh and lemony while keeping mosquitoes at bay. This plant also brightens its surroundings and makes a wonderful addition to your yard, patio or garden setting. Homemade Citronella lotion is also easy to make. Simply mix the essential oils into your favorite lotion.

MosquitoGo from ferti-lome When you want to repel mosquitoes without harming beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs - you want MosquitoGo. It's also safe around kids and pets. MosquitoGo Granules create an irritant scent barrier using natural cedar oil. MosquitoGo also repels ants, fleas, roaches, beetles, crickets, chiggers, chinch bugs, flies, and gnats. Apply to the area using a spreader at a rate of 1 lb. per 200 square feet as needed. It’s especially helpful when applied before outdoor gatherings.

Summit Mosquito Dunks Stop mosquitoes before they're old enough to bite with Mosquito Dunks. If you have standing water you can't get rid of, such as in a bird bath or water garden, add Mosquito Dunks to kill mosquito larvae. Dunks are formulated with BTI, a bacteria that's toxic to only mosquito larvae. It’s also safe for other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans. Dunks kill larvae within hours, and last for up to 30 days.

ferti-lome MosquitoGo Yard Fogger When you have a big problem with insects like mosquitoes and biting flies, you need a powerful tool like ferti-lome MosquitoGo Yard Fogger. MosquitoGo Fogger contains a combination of ingredients that help provide rapid elimination of many nuisance insects. It works best on yards, porches, patios, screens, window frames, and doors. One 16 oz. bottle treats an average 500 sq. ft. patio up to four times and also kills gnats, flying moths, ticks, fleas, hornets, midges, mud daubers, wasps, and many other unwanted insects.

Whatever option you need or area you are looking to protect, visit our mosquito control centers at the stores; you don’t want to make a trip to visit Dr. Kara this summer.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center