Iron ChileHead tickets are now on sale!

Hello, again!

I think I’ve proven myself right when I say that July is our hottest month of the year. Not knowing what August will bring, I just know that any temperatures above the century mark in July are all I care to see this summer. If my memory serves me correctly, we get into mid August and the daily temperature starts to trend downward. Many times, I’ll watch the 7-10 day forecast in August and if it’s favorable, I’ll start my fall plantings, grass seed, fall blooming color items, and fall vegetables.

With the moisture we had earlier this week, it’s the perfect time to start the process of killing bermuda grass and other weeds from our turf with Hi-Yield Killzall Weed & Grass Killer. Killzall is a non-selective weed and grass killer - so it's perfect for killing off tough-to-remove weeds and grasses before lawn re-seeding. We'll be spraying around the store soon, and with the warm (hot) temperatures the target weeds will show decline in just a few hours. Total yellowing will be evident in 3-4 days.

Because of its non-selective properties, Killzall does not select a type of plant to control, and it has the advantage of being able to control both grassy and broadleaf weeds. It’s a safe and effective tool to control unwanted weeds where applied. Keep it away from desirables so only the target weeds are controlled.

Speaking of heat, Jeremy and I had a conversation with our Hatch Green Chile supplier recently about the timing of our first load of Green Chile from Hatch, New Mexico. Our plan at this point is to have chile in the stores early August. Things can change - rain, trucking, harvesters, but at this point I think we are good to go!

You know what Hatch Green Chile season means? The Iron ChileHead is right around the corner! Tickets are on sale now at, or in store. With a couple of dozen regional craft breweries, food trucks, the Bolzen Beer Band and so much more, the Iron ChileHead is not something you want to miss!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center