Some see a weed, others see a wish. Or a salad.

Hello, again!

Dad taught us that a weed is defined as a plant out of place. I frequently answer questions if a plant is a weed or not. One of the most targeted ‘weeds’ in our turf is the dandelion. Do an internet search - ‘uses for dandelion’, and you’ll find many sites with reported health benefits. Search 'dandelion recipes' and you’ll find more than you could imagine. In the turf, dandelions to me are weeds. Cultivated, I can see it as a food crop.

It may seem like the season is over, but there are fall germinated weeds, mostly broadleaf weeds, that right now are small, but next March will be many times their size and in full bloom. Now is the time to control them. Even though the henbit has nice purple flowers at the plant's peak, to me they are a weed.

My favorite control to use now in landscape beds is a non-selective herbicide from Hi-Yield that works fast - like in a day or two on sunny days. It's called KillzAll Quick Weed & Grass Killer Spray. Take care to keep this off desirable plants. I've heard the term ‘Landscape Bullies’. My definition would be, 'unwanted plants in the landscape typically not planted that push and shove their way into the space of our desirable plants'.

Looking around my landscape, I found several bullies. Some form of these plants could be wanted, but not naturalized in a landscape. If left to grow, mulberry, sycamore, elm and silver maple trees will easily go from 18” to over 8’ in 1 growing season. Then there's poison ivy that nobody wants around. I’ll cut these plants off close to the ground and paint the cut with ferti-lome Brush Killer Stump Killer to control these bullies.

Brush Killer Stump Killer is made to combat stump and vine regrowth after cutting. It's also effective as a spray to control unwanted brush and weeds around homes, trails, fences, walkways and other non-crop areas. It controls a wide number of plants, including douglas fir, elm, sumac, honeysuckle, poison ivy, poison oak, Virginia creeper, bindweed, clover, dandelion, henbit, ragweed, spurge, and wild violet.

Once the weeds are controlled, I’ll rake Hi-Yield Weed & Grass Stopper into the soil. This will eliminate weeds in sensitive areas like warm season established lawns and ornamental landscapes. It also controls crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds for up to 4 months after application. It works best when applied before most weeds emerge, but it will help control crabgrass for up to 4 weeks after germination.

Once I've tucked away my landscape for winter, I can really enjoy the upcoming holidays. There's so much going in and outside the stores - our Christmas Shop, new and beloved upcoming holiday events, Christmas plants, and workshops (sign up soon or your spot might be gone!) Watch for our fresh cut trees and greenery coming in next week.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center