This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before!

Hello, again!

The official fall season starts this Saturday, September 23rd. While I enjoy all of our 4 seasons, fall has to be my favorite. Mild daytime temperatures and cooler nights make it pleasant to be outside for most any activity. I’m ready to get started with a few projects around the house.

What I’m checking off first is overseeding my lawn. With warm soil temperatures and great soil moisture the newly planted grass seed will germinate and get established quickly this fall. I’m predicting the seeds will be germinating this time next week; I’ll let you know (now I’m accountable to you all!)

Our Premium Seeding Package makes it so easy to know what to pick up for fall seeding a 5,000 sq. ft. fescue lawn:

25 lbs. of Gard’N-Wise Premium Fescue Blend
20 lbs. of ferti-lome New Lawn Starter (applied at planting time)
20 lbs. of ferti-lome Winterizer (4 weeks later)
40 lbs. of HuMic (anytime this fall) Ask at the store for detailed DIY instructions. Pick it all up together and save!

Once the lawn is overseeded, I’ll redo the front flower bed. Some years, it’s difficult to remove spring flowering annuals because they’re at their peak. This year, they’re looking a little tired from the heat. First off, I’ll amend the soil with our Soil Recipe. Again, knowing what to pick up makes the project much easier. Here’s our Soil Recipe for a 100 sq. ft. area:

Three bags Cotton Burr Compost (2 cu. ft.)
One bag Hi-Yield Bone Meal (4 lbs.)
One bag ferti-lome Gardener's Special (4 lbs.)
One bag HuMic (4 lbs.)
All blended together with the soil in your garden, this recipe will make your fall planting so much easier and your plants will love it.

I plant tulips first, about 6” deep and a foot apart. I’m going with a blend that my friend Piet Stuifbergen recommended. Over the top, I’ll plant a mix of pansies and violas. I’ll enjoy blooms this fall, and again starting early in the spring!

Then it’s time for decorating, which I need help with. Joanna from our west store gave me a couple ideas for my front porch. Here’s what she came up with: A Porch Decorating Package!

Two 8” blooming garden mums
One 6” ornamental kale
Three fancy mini gourds
Two large orange pumpkins
Two bundles of dried corn stalks
One full size straw bale
We’ll have these ready for you to pick up as well; you just decide on what color mums and gourds you would like.

With the busy fall season in full swing, I hope our plant care and decorating packages will make your time in the garden enjoyable.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center