Thrillers, fillers & spillers.

Hello, again!

What is it about going to the mountains for vacation? I do love Kansas and all it has to offer, but getting to the mountains in the summer is a relief from the heat of our summers. The cool nights of the higher elevation, with a fire and bottle of wine, is relaxing.

Another nice thing about the mountains is the impact they have on our senses. The thrilling sight of the mountain peaks really draws your attention to the area from miles away. When traveling on I-70 towards the front range, I’m always looking for the first sight of Pikes Peak or Longs Peak which can be seen from quite far away. The mountains are nice without the peaks, but they are the big attraction.

The scent of the pine and spruce trees that fill in the space between the plains and the peaks are a special part of the area. That one sense that continues to bring me back is the aroma of these plants that make up a vast part of the area.

The waterfalls that spill from the highest points of the range fill our streams and rivers to give life-sustaining water for all. The waterfalls create not only beauty, but also sound. The sound of the falling water dropping to the floor of the valley is soothing and relaxing. The beauty can keep one staring at the falls for hours.

In a similar way, our outdoor beauty at home can come from these three elements. We design our landscapes with these elements in mind! We also use these principles when we decide what to plant in our container gardens. 

Thrillers are the mountain peaks in the center of the planter. Something tall to draw attention to the container. From ornamental grasses to specialty coleus or tropical hibiscus, they bring our eyes to the arrangement.

Fillers make-up the majority of the plants around the thrillers. SunPatiens, lantana and petunias are a few of the plants that provide the transition in the container, just like the evergreen trees that surround the mountains. By using a few filler herbs, you’ll enjoy a nice aroma on the patio as well. 

Spillers are the plants that hold our attention to the planting. From colorful sweet potato vines to wave petunias, calibrachoa, or English ivy, they spill over the edge of the container and can even cover the ground around the planter.

At Johnson’s, we’ve designed our combination planters with these principles in mind. With a colorful combination of contrasting colors for sun or shade, we’re sure there will be a planter with a thriller, filler and spiller for you to enjoy all summer long - from the comfort of your back patio. And this summer, go someplace where you can enjoy nature's thrillers, fillers and spillers; it may just be someplace close to home.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Centers