We nurture our gardens; our gardens nurture us.

Hello, again!

When looking at plants for the landscape, we tend to think of crabapple, redbud, or amur maple for ornamental trees; boxwood, euonymus, hydrangea, nandina, or crapemyrtle for shrubs; and ajuga, vinca, and English ivy for ground cover plants. All are tried and proven landscape plant options for our region. I have had those and many others in my landscape for years.

Our nursery department staff at the stores have been busy the past few weeks selecting and receiving in plants from Monrovia, Greenleaf, Iseli and other nurseries that do an amazing job at growing plants well suited for our landscapes. That’s the advantage of a local nursery - we live and grow here, so we know and offer the plants that are most successful in our area.

Another option for landscape plants is a group of plants I’ll categorize as ‘edibles’. Not THAT kind of edibles, but fruit edibles that also serve as a great landscape plant option. Fruit trees make a great alternative for a small- to medium-sized flowering tree. While fruit trees can require a spraying or two for pest control in the fruit, the benefits greatly outweigh the few minutes spent tending the trees.

My favorite for the landscape is tart or sour cherries. Because they produce in early summer, I get by with one spraying to give me worm-free tart cherries in late May. These compact trees reach up to 10’ and their white flowers are quite a show in the spring.

I spray my cherry trees when the petals drop. I use ferti-lome Fruit Tree Spray. It’s a multi-purpose insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. Fruit Tree Spray provides control of insect eggs and larvae, as well as adult insects including aphids, spider mites, scale, mealy bugs, white flies and tent caterpillars. It also controls rust, leaf spot, powdery mildew, tip blight and other diseases. It’s designed for use on fruit and nut trees, vegetables, herbs, roses, and more, and can be used up until the day of harvest.

The garden center is full of beautiful trees and more for your landscape. Stop by and see us soon!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Centers